March 31, 2015

Lancome L'Extreme Mascara: Awesome but Overlooked

I've been told before that women will only date their mascaras, never marry them; that we may love, love, LOVE one mascara... yet our wandering eyes just cannot help but to pick up another one just to try. I can agree with that to some degree. I have tried plenty myself. I am always looking for the next best thing, the latest technology, the best wand, the best formula as if there's one final, ultimate, magical, perfect mascara that would once and for all cease the production of all other mascaras because it is the best one in the world.. period! 

If you understand how I feel, and you're nodding in agreement as you're reading this then one, we're both probably a little bit crazy and second, you have to try Lancome's L'Extreme Mascara. Now it's not the final, ultimate, perfect mascara, but I still adore it, even after 5 years of dating. It's a lengthening, extending, and curling mascara. The two things I appreciate most about this mascara is the formula, and the wand. The formula is creamy right out of the tube and stays creamy a little longer than other formulations. For someone who likes to really wiggle their mascara into their lashes to build depth and thickness, this means you can do so without the clumping, and without the spider legs effect. It is almost obvious that I would love the wand, because I am a traditional gal... when it comes to mascara. I've tried many of the new plastic wand type mascaras and there hasn't been one (not even one) that my short, sparse, Asian lashes liked. The only wands that work for me in building length, and volume are the traditional teddy bear brushes. The Lancome L'Extreme mascara wand/brush combs and extends each lash, and I can layer and layer with this badboy without my lashes sticking together.
 This mascara is often overlooked, given Lancome's massive mascara portfolio... most of which are pretty good, by the way. I used to date Hypnose for a long time, and then I started dating Definicils, but after awhile I started seeing Hypnose Star. Lancome L'Extreme is one I always go back to. I use it the most often, no matter the occasion, and the only mascara I've repurchased time and time again. It's not marriage, but it's pretty close.

With Love,

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