April 17, 2015

|Review| Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet (new model)

I've always loved me a long wallet. I insist that my bills be perfectly placed length-wise in my wallet. I believe they call this OCD. If you too enjoy a full length wallet, this will make your heart race.

Measuring at 7.5 by 3.9 inches, the Sarah wallet is a force to be reckoned with. You are looking at the newer model, featuring an envelope style snap closure. Other new elements give this wallet character and optimum functionality. It is like the original model... On steroids.

As soon as you snap open the front closure, you will have immediate access to 4 card slots. This convenient feature is available in both the older and newer model. The calf leather lining inside provides some grip for your cards, so don't worry about your cards sliding in and out.

On the opposite side of the 4 card slots is another 6 card slots. This is another feature to the new model Sarah wallet. 
The interior is very spacious, with 2 large compartments for bills, receipts, and the like; 2 flat (almost secretive) compartments; 1 full length zippered coin compartment; and yet another 6 card slots. The old Sarah wallet on steroids.

Be forewarned that the lining inside the coin compartment makes it a little tricky take your change out. Coins almost... "stick" to the inside. It's not something I'm put off by, but worth mentioning.

Unlike Louis Vuitton's Insolite wallet, the Sarah does not stay flat. The more stuff you fit in it (and it fits a lot), the bulkier it will look.

The back of the wallet features a flat, open pocket. It's not very deep, and the leather is prone to stretch, so it's hardly functional... Although it would be a great place to put movie tickets, bus tickets, or stamps.

I love my Sarah.
Which do you love?

With Love,