March 31, 2015

Agave Oil Treatment: The end of dry hair

Years and years of dyeing, bleaching, and flat-ironing my hair has left me scrambling to find a product to reverse the damage I've done. 
In trying to keep up with the Joneses in high school, I turned my naturally black hair to blonde, red, copper, and purple... in that order... in three months. My hair has never been the same. I've tried every hair cream, serum, lotion and potion, from drugstore brands to exclusive salon labels, but nothing worked. They were quick fixes. My hair would feel good to the touch as I'm working the product in, but a short while later, my hair would be back to its dry, lackluster life.

And then I came across an advertisement for Agave Oil Treatment. "Smoothes, restores and transforms dry, damaged or frizzy hair", the bottle said. Sounds good. But didn't all the other products say that? Yes. Yes they did. I bought it anyway, even having strong doubts it would work, because I owe it to my hair to try every product. At $40 (USD) for a 4 oz. bottle, it was definitely a risk. I will tell you right off the bat, it is worth every. single. penny.

I won't get into the entire ingredients list. Suffice it to say that it is concentrated with a cocktail of delicious oils and plant extracts, like sunflower, coconut, vanilla, agave equilana leaf, just to name a few.
It can be used on damp or dry hair. No need to rinse; it is a leave in treatment. It is very lightweight, and absorbs nicely into the hair. Be mindful of how much oil you dispense, and how much you are applying. As with most hair products, your hair can only take in so much at a time. The product itself is not greasy, but if you over-apply, it will feel greasy.
This oil treatment has changed my hair. I don't mean my hair is soft and silky (although soft and silky, it is). I mean it has improved the structure of my hair from the inside out. My hair is hydrated, nourished, and shiny... even without the oil on it. My hair is now significantly less frizzy, and more light-reflecting, less tangled, and more smooth.

...And to go one step further because I'm excessive, I use this treatment as a hair mask every other week. I saturate my ends with the Agave oil (i.e, apply twice as much as I normally would), throw a disposable shower cap on, let my hair take in all the nourishing goodness, and then shampoo after 15 minutes. It is miraculous how my hair feels and looks afterwards. 

It's been more than 3 months since I purchased a bottle and it is still half full, in case you're wondering about return on your investment. On that note, there are products that have more value than the price that you pay. Agave Healing Oil is one of them.

With Love,


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